Our day out with Thomas

Sunday, we got up extra early so that we could hit the road as we had a date later in the morning at the Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad in Lebanon, Ohio.

We had a date with.....THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE! 

If you know anything about Thomas, you know that the little blue engine has captured the hearts of millions of kids all over. Well, in our house he has captured the heart of Benjamin. Ben is all about the choo-choos (as he calls them)! So when I saw that the "Day out with Thomas" experience was coming to Ohio, I talked to Bill and we decided to treat the kids to the festivities. 

It was 2 hours and 10 minutes away and we needed to be there by 9am. That meant an early morning wake up call...

When we got there, Thomas was still asleep and they had to wake him up. The look on Benjamin's face when they unveiled Thomas' face was worth the whole trip! 

 All 3 kids had a blast at the experience. The organizers had lots of different stations set up with activities, including a place to get temporary tattoos, play stations with trains, meeting Sir Topam Hatt, bubble station, a straw maze, games, balloon animals, etc.  (I will say that I wish they had spread the activities out over a larger area, as there were so many people and kids and it was kind of claustrophobic...).

The main attraction was a train ride with Thomas the Train pushing and pulling your train car. During the midway point, they stopped the train and told the kids that Thomas was tired and they had to help give him energy by saying "Pull, Thomas, Pull!" My kids loved that part! 

We spent a couple of hours at the Day out with Thomas. Then we headed to Wendy's for lunch and then started the drive home. We made it home around 2:30. Overall, it was a great family fun experience that I am so glad that we decided to do!


  1. What an awesome day out with the kids!! My great-nephew also loves Thomas - his grampa (my brother) built him a table for all of his trains.

  2. I just wish they had had this when my now 24 year old was a 2 year old Thomas obsessed fan. 8-)


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