Yesterday we had an intentional family fun day. I had planned out a couple of activities to help us spend some quality family time together and to just relax.

After coming home from church and changing, we headed out.

Our first stop was lunch at Wendy's, per the kids request. It was our first chance to go inside the new Wendy's that they just redid and it was a lot bigger inside than out.

After lunch, we made a quick stop at Goodwill to drop off 2 large boxes of stuff and 3 garbage bags full of stuff. Feels good to get stuff out of the house.

Then it was off for family fun.

We headed out to Legend Hills Orchard to pick some apples! The weather was chilly (we had a freeze warning the night before), but sunny and so it made for a very pleasant time picking apples.

The kids had a blast.

Benjamin loved picking the apples, and he kept saying "Me apples" (meaning my apples)! He also wanted to be the only one to carry the bags! LOL

Rebecca and Jacob both had a great time as well.

We picked several varieties, including red delicious, golden delicious (my favorite) and granny smith-- with the promise that I would make a pie this week. I also want to make some crockpot applesauce for the freezer!

We ended up picking 4 huge bags of apples. The bags held 20 pounds of apples each, so we picked over 80 pounds of apples! I ended up paying about $0.60 a lb for the apples. That price makes me happy! We also ended up picking up 3 candy sticks for the kids ($0.15 a piece) and a jar of  "Traffic Jam" jam-- it supposed to be a mix of  peaches, strawberries, raspberries, cherries and cranberries. Sounds really good.

After we left the apple orchard, we ended up stopping at my parent's house, as they live nearby and hanging out with my mom and dad. Benjamin has been hollering that he wanted his "Nanny" all week. (My kids call my parents Nanny and Pappy). We ended up going to dinner with them as well to Rooster's and enjoying some wings and watching some football.

In my opinion, it was a very good family fall fun day! (Although any day that I get to spend with my hubby and kids is a good day!)


  1. Sounds like a fun way to get a good food deal!

    1. It was. The kids had a I need to process the apples.....


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