Happy Halloween

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween today! 

This year, we have a "Thomas the train".....

a "Captain America"....

and a "Wonder Woman." 

Yesterday the kids celebrated Halloween at school with fall parties and parades. In the morning I got to go to Ben's preschool class to see his class put on his finger plays and sing songs and beat on a pinata. Ben was a little overwhelmed at times and I am not sure that he was feeling 100%.....

Then yesterday afternoon, Bill went to Jacob and Rebecca's school to watch their costume parade. I stayed home with Benjamin as we weren't sure if he is coming down with something or not. Bill said that there were a lot of creative costumes at their school including a "crazy cat lady, a Minecraft skeleton, and a birthday cake costume. 

As for today, I am not sure what we will be doing. If Ben is feeling up to it, we might go trick or treating....but I don't want to push it. We will have to see what the rest of today brings! 

Are you doing anything for Halloween? 
What is your favorite Halloween costume? 


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