Jacob turned 6 yesterday!

Time flies! 6 years ago yesterday, Jacob was born into our family. As Bill puts it... "Our family got a little bit goofier." LOL

Jacob is a goofy, loveable, football-loving, Seattle Seahawks-loving, brother and son! He is silly. He is extremely loyal. He is bright and smart.

Yesterday, we celebrated his birthday with a party/picnic at Ariel-Foundation park in our town. He requested that we have a party by the lake so that we could see the geese.

The party was a success. Thankfully, the weather cooperated and it was a little windy but it was sunny and mid 70s. The only downside was the bees were attracted to the food. :(

Both sets of Jacob's grandparents came (even Bill's parents whom we haven't spoken to since May came), my brother and his wife and their 3 kids came. My sister was home from college for fall break. My youngest brother came with his girlfriend. It was a nice gathering of people.

We had lunch, which was sandwiches, grapes, chips and pasta salad.

Jacob wanted a football themed cake so that it what he got!

He got a lot of nice presents including a Seattle Seahawks shirt, a Russell Wilson poster, a football, an electric football game, Star Wars toys, a Batman bank and a Spiderman light, as well as a couple of outfits. I was also given a gift card to Walmart from Bill's parents so that I can go buy Jacob some clothes for winter.

We spent some time down by the edge of the lake, skipping rocks. Our autistic, non-verbal nephew was having a blast throwing rocks into the lake and laughing.

Once home, we just relaxed around the house and the Jacob requested McDonald's for dinner, so that is what he got. 

Overall, Jacob said that he had a great birthday!


  1. Glad the birthday was a huge success. Happy 6th Birthday, Jacob!

  2. It looks like a great birthday with your family! Happy Birthday sweet Jacob!!!!


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