Went to the fire station today

One of the things that I have never been able to do with my children is to be a chaperone on one of their school field trips, as when Rebecca would go, I had Jacob and Ben at home. Or when it was time for Jacob to go, I had Benjamin at home. Or I had work obligations....

That all changed today. This morning, I accompanied Benjamin's preschool class on a field trip to our local fire station. Benjamin has a hard time with transitions and new things, so I wanted to go so that if he had a meltdown then I would be the one to help. He does have a wonderful aide, Margene, who also went, but I didn't want to put the pressure on her of picking him up if he ended up having a tantrum.

 It was Benjamin's first time on a school bus and he did great. The whole time on the bus, he kept saying "bus" with a big smile on his face.

He loved the firehouse. The firefighter went over the new rules for calling 911. He taught them to dial 9 1 1 green (or call), since so many people only have cell phones. He also taught them to stop, cover, drop and roll if they are ever on fire. They have added cover your mouth to the standard stop, drop, and roll rule. They got to practice crawling under smoke (a bed sheet).

Ben really only got scared when the firefighter put on all of his gear and made the breathing sounds. But he was always curious.

He loved getting to go into the firetruck and an ambulance.

When they were all done, each child got a junior firefighter helmet to take home with them.

Overall, he had a great field trip experience and I feel so blessed that I was able to go on it with him and his class.


  1. So glad he enjoyed his field trip and glad you were able to go along.

    1. It was fun and special to finally be able to go...hopefully I will be able to go on many more with all my kids.


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