Saturday to-dos....

Today is all about getting annoying things done so that tomorrow I can have a rest day. I have been thinking alot about taking a rest day or a family fun day once a week and I truly feel that our entire family needs it. That may mean that I have extra cleaning to do on Saturday, especially if I fall behind during the craziness of the week, which is more apt to happen. I also plan on starting a new chore system with the kids next week, that I hope will help alleviate some of the cleaning stress around here. We shall see.

Back to I am going to try to get some things done that have been annoying me, as well as some regular chores.

Here is what is on tap for today:
  • take apart fans, clean them and store them for the winter. (Hubby took air conditioners out yesterday and stored them)
  • menu plan for next week
  • do all laundry-- probably at least 5 loads-- washed, dried, folded and put away-- CURRENTLY WORKING ON 8th LOAD!!!
  • write and schedule at least 4 book reviews (I am SO behind on these!)
  • make peanut butter kiss cookies with kids
  • clean out from underneath living room furniture
  • clean off desk area--piles, piles EVERYWHERE
  • AHG birthday wishes on facebook
  • make chore charts for kids
  • clean out van
  • fill up van for Goodwill drop off tomorrow
I think that will keep me busy for today, especially since it is almost noon and I have only done 1 thing on my list....Better get moving....

What do you have going on today?


  1. I am slowly cleaning out the car--boxes for packing things, food cans from grocery, whatever has landed there. I know I won't get it all done, but I will make a bit of headway. Then, there is the kitchen floor. After my friend did the lifting and bending, I need to put away the sorted items since she would have no idea where they go. Unfortunately, there are gallons of water that need a new home to make the place look a bit neater. Since there is something wrong with my car, I will not be going out and will have plenty time for all of this. Oh, I got up some trash I had collected near the chickens' yard.

    1. Good luck with getting everything done that you want to get done. :)

  2. Save cookies for family fun day.

    I balanced checkbook, dishes, replaced storm windows, cut back garden, mowed lawn, trimmed hedges, cleaned bathroom. And I now am about to fix the washing machine.....

    1. My kids wanted to make the cookies and since we were going to be home all day anyways and since it is cold here we made them. We are going to have family fun day though tomorrow when we go apple picking! Don't worry I still got a ton of cleaning done today ;)

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