Running around like a chicken....

Have you ever heard the phrase "Running around like a chicken with it's head cut off?" Well that is me. The last couple weeks have gone by like a blur....

Let's see...the highlights have been...

~ Dealing with sickness.... Jacob was sick over the course of a couple of weeks. He had a fever/ virus that made him miss school. Then the next week, he missed school due to an ear infection and fever. This week, Rebecca woke up Monday with a fever of 103. After complaining it hurt to swallow, we took her to urgent care and they deemed it just a virus. She is finally back in school today. Then yesterday morning, Benjamin woke up with a fever of 102.  This morning, I woke up feeling like crud. is that time of year I guess. But I am trying to be proactive in dealing with sickness.....

~ I attended an essential oils introduction class a few weeks ago. A friend of mine is a consultant for Young Living Oils and she had me try "thieves" on Jacob. Within 3 hours of application, his fever was gone and he was almost back to normal. Yesterday, I applied it to Rebecca and within 3 hours she was back to normal. I applied it this morning to Benjamin and his fever is down to almost normal and he has been wanting to eat and not lay around. (I will admit I am a skeptic on this, but I can't discount the evidence I am seeing).

~ In between, dealing with sick kids, we have been pretty busy as a family. We had a play date at the park with a friend Rebecca had made over the summer in a class that she took. Softball season came to a close. Unfortunately, Rebecca's team did not do very well in the tournament but she had a lot of fun and that is what matters. The kids started PSR classes at our church. Since they do not go to the school anymore that is associated with the church, they are taking classes on Sunday to help with their religious education.

~ We had to take Jacob to see a neuro-muscular disorders doctor. Jacob has been falling almost daily and his physical therapist said that she thought he was regressing on his physical abilities. After seeing the neuro-muscular doctor we have determined it is not a neuro-muscular disorder. However, it may be a neurology issue or an eye we are waiting for a referral to an opthomologist, for a cat-scan, and for DNA testing to be done (if insurance will pay for it).....

~ Work schedules have been nuts. I have been tutoring several clients and I really enjoy it. However, I wish I was bringing in more money. It is hard. I did start a Spanish Club twice a month and hopefully that will help as well. My hubby has been doing his normal job which is 50-60 hours a week and he has picked up a free-lance job at a local college to cover sports there which has added even more craziness to our schedules. 

~ Add in the craziness that is day to day life and just trying to keep up with dishes, laundry (which I am so no succeeding at), etc. and it feels like I am running around with a chicken with my head cut off! 


  1. Busy is the standard of life with three kids. Trust me when I say this, one day you will have all the time in the world and you really will miss the chaos of right now. Enjoy the frenzy!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that about Jacob! It always takes a while to get things figured out, doesn't it? I hope you don't have to wait too long.


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