Busyness continues

It is Saturday already...this week has flown by. I got a lot done the other and then some things done. My husband says I try to do to much. I don't know, better to plan to do too much than to do nothing. 

I still feel like I am behind from when we were all sick. This past week, I was able to get some tutoring hours in so that helped a lot. I also had an AHG meeting-- only a couple more months of that! I just can't seem to get ahead. I still have a lot to do on my to-do list...including:

  • finish taxes (need to finish Federal and State, but need to go over it with Bill-- then need to figure out how to do our local taxes due to our freelance income this year)
  • laundry-- I did 5 loads today from start to finish, I still have at least 4 loads to do.
  • Kids' valentines need to be written out
  • Plan for this week's tutoring session including Spanish club
  • Find at least 5 more items to list on facebook selling wall
  • Deep clean bathrooms this week
Stuff will get done. Just a lot that I want to do and it has been hard to find a rhythm.....


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