The DIET and I need advice

So Bill and I have decided that we have both become complacent with our diets and weights. We are eating too much, snacking too much, making bad food choices, and not moving enough.

Well, we both need some motivation to get moving and lose some weight. We are going on vacation in July to the beach, so I definitely do not want to be as heavy as I am now when we go. We are also supposed to meet up in real life with a friend of mine from Australia that I have known for close to 8 years at the same time so I want to look my best.

So we started our diet on Monday. I will admit I cringed and almost cried when I stepped on the scale and saw the number. I am so ashamed. I am at my heaviest that I have been, except when I was pregnant. Not good. (I haven't decided if I am sharing my weight number on here or not!....)

Basically, the diet follows that whomever loses the most weight (percentage wise) by July wins. Now if my husband wins, he gets to bring home a hermit crab from the beach for a pet. I HATE those things. I think they are freaky and although he has wanted one for years, there is NO WAY he is going to win and get one.

This is where I need your advice....I don't know what I will get if I win. I need some suggestions, please! I am at a complete loss. Can you help me out?


  1. day out at the beauty spa? dinner for 2 at a fancy restaurant? concert tickets?a weekend away?

  2. I agree with CT Mom's suggestions! Or, if there is a craft/activity you love to do and you need new supplies for?

  3. I don't share my weight on my blog. I figure why add haters to the dieting misery. ;p
    You have to win! I hate those crabs.

  4. If you win you never have to get one of those crabs in your entire life, they make my skin crawl. Cheryl

  5. I would say get something just for you. Something you won't have to take care of

  6. My first thought was a spa day. But perhaps a new outfit, new bathing suit or a special time out with your friend from Australia? I'm the worst - I've fallen off every diet or "eating plan" there ever was !


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