What's for dinner?

One of the things that I want to do in 2016 is to plan our dinner menus weekly and post them here for accountability.Breakfasts are usually yogurt and fruit or cereal and fruit for the kids and Bill and I find whatever we are in the mood for. Lunch is usually something quick for Benjamin (chicken nuggets, corn dog, PB and J) with fruit and leftovers for Bill and I. During the school year, Rebecca and Jacob get free lunch at their school. That leaves dinner for the family....

I started menu planning at the beginning of the year and I will say that with a few exceptions, it has worked!

MONDAY::: hot dogs, baked beans, salad-- YES

TUESDAY::: Crockpot Sweet and Sour Chicken with rice (new recipe)-- YES and it was super yummy! (will be posting the recipe this week)

WEDNESDAY::: Turkey Smoked Sausage Bake and salad-- YES

THURSDAY::: Chicken enchiladas, mexican rice and corn-- NOPE, it ended up being a whatever you could find night. Kids had grilled cheese, I had a smoothie, not sure what Bill had.

FRIDAY::: Fish, baked potato (for Bill and I), macaroni and cheese (for kids) and green beans-- YES and NO, the kids and bill had fish and veggies, I didn't end up eating dinner.

SATURDAY::: Homemade pizza and fruit--YES and NO--- Kids had homemade pizza, grapes and mandarin oranges, Bill and I had an impromptu date night with ordering chinese food.

SUNDAY::: ???? -- We ended up going out to dinner with my parents and sister, who is home for the week from college, at a local Mexican restaraunt.

So overall, not too bad. This week I really was not feeling the eating well and I made some bad choices, but onward and upward, right


Macaroni and cheese and green beans

Chicken enchiladas, mexican rice and corn

Hamburger helper and peas

Chicken patty sandwiches, green beans and carrots

Cheese pizza and fruit

Pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans


So, that is the plan for this week. We shall see how it goes. It is tournament time for Bill's job, so I never know when he is going to be home, etc. Right now I think the only things I need to get for this menu are hamburger buns, lettuce, onions, and raw carrots. I was able to get our deep freezer defrosted the other day, so I will also be looking at restocking it with healthier options!                
Hopefully, I will be able to stick to this plan and can report back success next week! 



  1. Plans are wonderful, but always subject to change You have 3 young children at home. As long as you put them to bed at night well fed and happy you had a successful week!


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