Apple Picking 2016

Every fall, we try to take the kids apple picking at least 1 time. Usually we go towards the middle or end of September. Last year we waited until mid October due to our schedules, and the apples were not the best quality. They were soft and didn't seem to last very long. So we wanted to make sure that we didn't wait this year. 

So Saturday afternoon we decided to take the kids to Legend Hills Orchard to go apple picking. They had many different varieties in season. I love golden delicious apples, and they were in season! 

We met up with my parents who live near the orchard and the kids had a blast. 

I picked a couple, but the kids did the rest. We ended up filling 4 bags with apples. Each bag held 20lbs of apples! 

We ended up bringing 3 of the bags home with us (60lbs of apples!) and my mom took 1 home with her. The u-pick apples were $15 for one bag, so they worked out to about $0.75 a pound. That is a great price for fresh apples! 

Yesterday, Benjamin and I started processing some of the apples. We made a pot of crockpot applesauce for dinner. That used up 12 of the apples so I still have a ton more to use up and eat. My kids love apples though, so none will go to waste!. 

Has anyone else been apple picking? 
Do you have a favorite recipe that uses apples?


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time!!! They charge so much for apples here, its crazy. We go to our local apple orchard for the donuts. LOL


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