I can drive again!

Yesterday, I had my 2 week post-op appointment for my hysterectomy. 

Before I go any further, let me give you a word of warning::: If a doctor's office tries to schedule you for an appointment the morning following a Monday holiday and your doctor is on call and at the hospital all day Tuesday for surgeries, DO NOT take an appointment on Wednesday! We sat in the waiting room for a 9:30 appointment for an hour and 15 minutes before being called back. I was finally seen almost 2 hours from my appointment time. (And yes in my experience this is highly unusual for this office).

Anyhow, back to my appointment. The only real issue I have going on is that I have developed a rash around my incision and the right end of the incision looks like it is opening up a little. Well, apparently I have developed a yeast infection around the incision site, so he called me in a prescription and wants me to use an anti-fungal cream on it. The opening is just the very top layer and since it is not looking infected we are going to let it heal naturally, meaning that that part of the scar will be a little bit raised higher than the rest of it. Not a huge deal, as I am not going to be wearing a bikini anytime soon. LOL


My doctor also said I could start driving again, but he left all the other restrictions (no lifting, no strenuous physical activity, etc.) until my next appointment in a month due to the internal healing that needs to keep happening. So that means I can start taking my kids to and from school again. My mom has been graciously taking them to school for me :) 

So overall, I am healing. It is a slow process. I can tell if I overdo it, as I get really tired and my abdomen gets achy and sore and swollen and my incision site will get sore. 

I am just glad that I am on the road to recovery! Bill came with me to my appointment but then he had to leave to pick up Benjamin from school since I still had not been seen yet. When they picked me up, Benjamin asked me "Is your belly better Mommy?" And I was able to tell him that it wasn't all the way better, but was getting there causing him to give me a huge smile! 


  1. Words like that from your child are some of the best medicines out there. Glad you can drive ( I hate not being mobile) and really glad you are mending!

    1. He (and his sister and brother) make me smile daily and have been great so far throughout my surgery and recovery. And yes I hated being stuck at home. So far 2 days driving and it is so nice to be able to take my kids to school.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. In my mind recovery is going slowly...but as dear Hubby reminded me earlier, I am better than I was 2 weeks ago. :)

  3. You're getting there, baby steps and take it easy. All the work will still be there when you are up to it. ;-)

    1. It definitely is baby steps. I think I am just frustrated because I was hoping to recover quicker. But it will come...


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