Happy Homemaker Monday (09/12/2016)

Happy Monday!  

I had grand plans this weekend to get things done (against the advice of some of you! LOL) and I think my body was in cahoots with you as I didn't get hardly anything done on my to-do list at all. Saturday I spent most of the day sitting and reading and watching football as I was in some pain. Yesterday, I just didn't have any get up and go, as I didn't sleep well the night before. Oh well, onwards and upwards, right? 

Anyhow, now we are at Monday and I haven't participated in Sandra's "Happy Homemaker Monday" theme in a while (since last year I think), so I thought that is what I would do today....

On the weather front:::
It is gorgeous here today. We got some storms on Saturday that brought some cooler weather here (if you think 80 is cool!). Right now it is only 70 degrees and there is very little humidity. I actually have the a/c turned off and the windows open to get some fresh air in the house! 
On my bedside table::: 
I have my anti-fungal cream for my infection, a mirror, a card from my husband and my hairbrush. 
On my TV::: 
Ben is currently watching his favorite show: "The Lion Guard." It is a cute cartoon that is a sequel to "The Lion King" movie. 

I have several episodes of "Chesapeake Shores" on the DVR to watch. We have been watching a lot of football. 


Thinking and pondering:::: 
About ways to save money since I am not working right now. Thinking about what to make Ben for lunch. 
Thinking about what I need to get done today.
About how we are trying to get Benjamin potty trained and it is a slow process. 
Listening to::::  
The sound of traffic on the road we live on (it is a busy street). The TV. Benjamin playing with his action figures. 
On the menu for this week:::
I actually have somewhat of a plan :)

Monday: Hot Ham and cheese subs and curly fries
Tuesday: Baked chicken, with green beans and some other side
Wednesday: Lasagna
Thursday: Sandwiches, fruit and chips
Friday: Pizza and fruit
Saturday: ?????
Sunday: ?????  
On my To Do List::: 
I didn't get much done this weekend so I have lots still on my to do list:
  • Clean off desk area
  • Pay bills for the month
  • Clean out purse
  • Clip the kids' fingernails and toenails
  • Start work on our vacation photo book
  • Read part of a book for review
  • Do couponing research (need to get back into super frugal mode since I am not working)
  • Go through kids' toys in living room as they are overrunning the room.
What I plan on doing for myself this week:::  
Still planning on taking it easy this week per doctors orders. I do plan on taking myself to the library this week to get more books to read. 
Favorite photo::: 

Rebecca had her artwork chosen to be part of an exhibit at a local barn tour. She was 1 of 15 chosen from her school. 
Close up of Rebecca's artwork

Lesson learned the past few days::: 
That there are still good people in the world. There have been a number of people that were associated with my old job that have stepped up in the last weeks to reach out to me in prayers, notes, by bringing food. I kind of thought that bridges may have been burned, but just because a couple people ruin a job or an experience doesn't mean that everyone associated feel the same way. 
Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses::: 

So there you have it. A little bit of homemaking stuff for today. If you would like to read more, please go visit Sandra and all the other blogs that have linked up with her! 



  1. I hardly ever plan meals for the weekend, things tend to change a lot for us on the weekends so they are always kind of fend for yourself days. Reading your to-do list reminds me that I also need to pay bills, can't believe I almost forgot that! Hope you have a great week.

    1. Thanks Jean. Yeah our weekends are kind of like that too. Will see what we end up eating.

  2. Glad you listened to your body. Unless you have a cleaning fairy everything will still be there when you can move better. How old is Ben, my son was over 4 before being potty trained. It was a long, slow process. Cheryl

    1. I wish I did have a cleaning fairy! LOL Ben is 4. He will turn 5 next April. With his delays and his autism diagnosis, it has been a LONG process. But we have made more progress in the last 2 days than I thought we would ever get.


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