Thomas the train and Potty Training Ben

First off, let me say that this is totally a Mom post. What follows is what has been going on in our adventure with potty-training Ben this past be forewarned. If you don't want to read about going potty or the adventures of potty training a 4 year old, then you have my permission to skip reading and move on....

So, I mentioned on Monday that we were in the process of potty training Benjamin. We stocked up a while ago with new underwear (Star Wars themed and white ones) and with a treat for going on the potty-- mini Thomas the Train engines. (Ben is OBSESSED with Thomas and has been for the past 2 years!)In the past year we have tried several things to get him to go on the potty to no avail including stickers, candy, letting him look at a book while on the potty, etc. He just refused to go. 

Ben is 4.5 years old. He has refused to go to the potty instead choosing to go in his pull-up. Ben is also 60lbs. so most pull-ups are too small for him. With some of his development issues we have just been putting it off. Well, his pull-ups were starting to leave marks on his legs and finally my husband just said "It is time!" 

So, on Sunday I came home from church to find that Ben was in regular underwear. We decided to just do it trial by fire. For the first half of Sunday, Ben went through at least 3 pairs of underwear while peeing on the floor and then screaming and crying when we made him sit on the potty. By Sunday evening, he was done crying while sitting on the potty but still was peeing in his underwear. Finally he went pee in the potty, and was awarded a mini Thomas the Train engine. He was so excited!  

On Monday, he would go sit on the potty on his own and had only 1 wet accident but he did poop in his underwear. Tuesday he had no wet accidents but pooped in his underwear. We ran out of mini-trains on Tuesday night. 

Wednesday, I ran to Walmart and bought a few more mini-trains and 3 large ones. I told Ben he would get a "big choo-choo" if he went poopy on the potty. Well he did not poop at all on Wednesday but he also didn't have any wet accidents. 

Yesterday, he woke up in a dry pull-up (we are still using them at night) and then went potty on the potty! He came home from preschool with a dry pull-up (we are also still sending him to preschool with a pull-up) and then went potty right after we got home. He wore the same pair of underwear all afternoon and evening with no accidents! His favorite saying these days is "I have to go potty NOW!" Lol. AND best of all, he went poopy on the potty yesterday afternoon! He was scared to get off the potty when he was done, but was happy that we were excited. And he got his big choo-choo! 

We are just a few days in, but I am so pleased with the progress he is making! Now to get him to not wear the pull-up at school without any accidents....


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    1. Yes it can be! He is definitely my most challenging. Rebecca was easy to potty train with just using a sticker chart as a reward. Jacob just decided one day he wanted underwear and so he started to go on his own. Ben has been a whole other ballgame! LOL

  2. I used Thomas too but my ds could care less. He had an accident and the poop hit the floor and he was done. Two days of accidents with peeing but probably over six months of wearing a diaper to poop. One day he really needed to go, I sat with him while he was on the potty chair, he pooped and looked at me and said in the most serious voice "that wasn't bad at all". He was 4 and I was 44, didn't think we w survive but we did. Good job Ben. Cheryl

    1. Thomas is the only thing that is working with Ben. That is funny about pooping not being that bad. I think that was Ben's issue. He was scared but then realized it wasn't that bad. Hoping for another good day today.

  3. I had a late potty trainer. He was not interested at all. Finally during the summer when he was 3 1/2 I had had my limit. I floated cheerios in the toilet and told him he needed to sink them. It only took a few days of "target practice" until he could sink 5 of them with one stream. (During those few days I washed the floor and walls a lot). After he had mastered the pee we went for the poop. He was not fond of sitting on the toilet so I cleared off the toilet lid, sat him on the seat backwards, gave him water based markers and he drew on the lid/tank front until the job was done. Messy? Yes but virtually stress free.


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