5 year physical, infected finger, and mice! Oh My!

Yesterday, I had to take Ben to the doctor for his 5 year physical and so that they could fill out his paperwork for Kindergarten registration. (How is he old enough to start Kindergarten in the fall?!!??)

Anyhow, he is very healthy. He is 3ft 10 inches tall (which puts him in the 96 percentile) and he weighs 69.5 pounds (which is off the chart, but consistent with his sizing). He has come such a long way in his development since his last physical. He passed his hearing and vision screenings (which is the first time that they have been able to get him to cooperate.). Then came the not so fun part. Ben had to get 2 shots. :-(

After his appointment, I took him to Dollar Tree to get a prize for doing so well at his appointment and he picked out 2 mini Thomas the Train trains. We then had to go pick his Rebecca and Jacob at school. By the time, we got to their school, Ben was starting to feel bad. His leg hurt and he was just feeling bad. He was laying around and just didn't feel good. He also developed a fever. :-(

Also, yesterday afternoon, Jacob was taking a bath and he asked me to look at his finger. Well it was white and pussy and red and swollen right under his fingernail. He also had a rash on his face that was getting worse. Of course this happened after our pediatrician's office was closed, so off to Urgent Care we went (especially when Rebecca told me that Jacob showed her his finger 2 days before).

Turns out it was an infected hangnail. Jacob cannot keep his fingers out of his mouth and he was probably chewing on one that got infected. The doctor poked a hole in the white part and squeezed out the pus. He then gave Jacob a talk about why we don't chew on our hands, etc. The rash on his face was a reaction to his runny nose. So I was given a prescription for an antibiotic for Jacob and a cream for his rash.

What was interesting though was that when they weighed Jacob, he weighed 67.5 pounds, meaning that he weighs 2 pounds less than Ben! I knew Ben was huge, but this just confirmed my suspicions.

Today, Ben has been very fussy and cranky. Tylenol is helping his reaction to his shots and he has been eating a little today. We are just taking it easy, cleaning house and watching cartoons.

Oh and did I mention we have more mice! I saw one on Thursday as I was going down to the basement to do laundry. I am so sick and tired of stupid mice! So we have put tons of traps down, and the cats are on high alert. There is one area under the counter around the floor that GusGus keeps pawing at and goes to. I also heard one in the wall behind that cabinet, so we think they are nesting or living there. Not sure what else to do.

Also add in work stress for Hubby and the weather that keeps raining and being windy and I can't get outside to walk and life has just been so much fun. Not.

Sorry this is kind of a complaining post, but that is how I feel today. Hope everyone else is having a good weekend!


  1. I have often chewed on hangnails! I also have had many infections under and beside my nails. I cannot help it. However, I found a solution that probably won't work for you. I keep cuticle nippers with me all the time so I can work on a hangnail anytime one appears. Nippers and an emery board are so necessary for me to keep my fingers out of my mouth, and I am 70!

    I know he cannot carry them to school, but could you buy a pair to supply to the nurse just for him? Explain the trip to doctor. Maybe? And, a pair in the kitchen might make it easier for you to treat him. And a pair in your purse? If I decide to leave my purse in the car to get out at the farmer's market, I put nippers, emery board, Kleenex, and a tube of lipstick in my pocket with money.

    You are so lucky you have mice. I have rats. I finally figured out the hate Irish Spring, so I added it to the mix of poisons, sticky traps, and traps. I also shaved some and put it in a hole in the baseboard along with rat poison, shaved. The rat poison I have is in cubes. No rat has bothered to eat the poison since it is mixed with the shaved/chunked Irish Spring. I threw some in a hole from dishwasher to sink. I dropped two big chunks behind the stove.

    I have not seen evidence, seen a rat, or heard one since I did all this. I know you cannot use the poison, but getting the Irish Spring into places they nest would help. If you have a basement of crawl space, you could add some chunks there, too. Oh, the rat was dragging the insulation from my new dishwasher out into the kitchen floor. THEN, I found some of the insulation in a drawer! So, I have Irish Spring in all the kitchen drawers.

  2. Rachel, aren't you renting? check your state landlord-tenant laws. Here in CT, a landlord is required to address any infestations of rodents. I'd be emailing immediately (cc yourself on the communication). Good luck! My new to me home had evidence of mice. We are addressing any possible areas of entry.

  3. I'm with CTMOM about the mice....not financially your problem if you don't own the house and the landlord should address it anyway out of good faith if the law isn't on your side in your state.
    I remember how bittersweet it was getting my youngest ready for Kindergarten....It's going to be an adjustment for you come next school year but it'll be worth it when you see how excited Ben is when he comes home and tell you about his day! =)
    I'm glad Jacob's finger is okay! From a fellow nail biter, I understand the urge!
    I'm sorry Hubby is having more stress at work. =( It's hard when our guys feel off isn't it?
    Hope next week is MUCH better for you Rachel!

  4. I had the same reaction - you rent right, so your landlord should be dealing with the mouse problem. Otherwise they'll invite their families and friends :( The mice not the landlord! Glad you have cats!


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