Weigh In Wednesday #19 of 2017

So one of my 2017 goals is to lose 40 pounds by the end of the year. This is a necessity for me, as in the last few months I have gained 15 pounds. That is not good. I want to be healthier and feel better about myself. 

In order to keep me accountable, I am hoping to come back each Wednesday to share my weigh in and my successes and failures from the previous week. So let's hop to it and see how I did this past week, shall we?

My official starting weight (on 1/1/2017) was: 242.0 pounds!
My weight last week was: 233.2 pounds.
My weight this week is: 231.6 pounds. 
So a loss of 1.6 pounds! :-) :-) 
Total loss from 1/1/17: 10.4 pounds 

So I am down 1.6 pounds! HAPPY DANCE!!! 

Finally. Finally I lost more than .3 or .4 pounds in a week and I didn't gain. I will take it, as I know that a healthy way to lose weight is to lose between 1 and 2 pounds a week. So I will take it!

I started out last week really well, eating really well and not really snacking. I truly believe that that is what helped my weight loss this week. I wasn't able to walk very much last week due to all the rain. However, yesterday I was able to get out and had a nice long walk including a trip of the tower.

Eating wise the last few days hasn't been great. I have been eating way too much processed food and I am feeling it. I need to get back to the way I was eating last week, because it really did make a difference. For now I will be happy with my weight loss!

If you are trying to lose weight in 2017, how is your progress going?


  1. Way to go! Great progress on your goal :)

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  3. Woo Hoo! Go Rachel! That is AWESOME! =) I love the pictures too - what a beautiful place to exercise! Here's to another great week for you!

  4. Super for the loss! And nice pictures too! Wishing you a great and losing week again!

  5. Happy for you Rachel - stick with it!

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