Visiting the Farm at Walnut Creek

Last Tuesday was Ben's last day of preschool and they ended with an all day field trip to the Farm at Walnut Creek in Sugarcreek, Ohio.
(They went on this field trip last year at the end of the year as well, and I blogged about that trip here.) This year not only did I get to go on the trip with Ben, but so did Bill and my mom! My brother and sister-in-law also came as my nephew Ethan is in the afternoon preschool class and was also on the field trip. We had beautiful weather and the trip was wonderful!

Our day started out with exploring the farm, including the barns and the Amish house. There were so many baby animals on the farm this year, including a baby cow, a baby horse born just that morning, a baby zebra which was only 3 days old, and a baby giraffe that was born in late March.

After we explored the grounds for a couple hours, it was time for our group wagon ride. The wagon ride is the true highlight of the visit as you get to feed the animals and it is just amazing. Ben loved all of it and said that his favorite animals were the llamas. He also loved the giraffes, and one even licked him (kissed him) on the head!

After the wagon ride, we went back to the Amish home as they had warm cookies for everyone. They were delicious. We then explored some more including going to feed the camels and goats.

We left the farm around 1:45 or so to head back to town. I drove everyone back (Bill and Ben and my sister-in-law and nephew had ridden the bus to the farm with their classes and teacher) as we had to get back to get Rebecca and Jacob from school at 3:30.

I would HIGHLY recommend that if you are ever in Holmes County and needing something to do, definitely check this place out. It was a definite wonderful trip and we are making plans to return this summer and take Rebecca and Jacob!


  1. Really terrific photos Rachel. The tongue one!!

  2. Really terrific photos Rachel. The tongue one!!


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