Weigh In Wednesday #18 of 2017

So one of my 2017 goals is to lose 40 pounds by the end of the year. This is a necessity for me, as in the last few months I have gained 15 pounds. That is not good. I want to be healthier and feel better about myself. 

In order to keep me accountable, I am hoping to come back each Wednesday to share my weigh in and my successes and failures from the previous week. So let's hop to it and see how I did this past week, shall we?

My official starting weight (on 1/1/2017) was: 242.0 pounds!
My weight last week was: 233.8 pounds.
My weight this week is: 233.2 pounds. 
So a loss of 0.6 pounds! :-/
Total loss from 1/1/17: 8.8 pounds 

Before I talk about MY weight loss, can you take a moment to go visit TrayceeBee over at "Just Keep Swimming Mama" and congratulate her on her 1.7 pound weight loss this week! She did so well over the past week!!

Now onto my journey....

So I am down 0.6 pounds. SLOW, SLOW, SLOW! As much as my life is crazy and moving at break neck speed, this is one area that I wish would speed up. It is going so slow, but at least it is going down the right direction.

I will say that I started a new way of eating on Sunday. Basically, I had an epiphany that I have tried everything in the past and why am I continuing to try ways that I have known are not the right way? Don't get me wrong, I have tried lots of weight loss programs in the past including Weight Watchers online, slimfast diet, carb cycling, counting calories, etc. I don't like being told that I have to keep track of calories and fat. It seems too restrictive to me. So I wold get frustrated.  

Last week, I picked up The Carbohydrates Addict Diet at the library on a whim. I know that I am a carb addict. I eat way too much sugary stuff. In a nut shell, this diet book suggest that you eat no carb meals for 2 meals a day and then a well balanced reward meal that can include dessert. There is absolutely no eating in between meals. Sounds like a good idea; however they also suggest that you don't eat fruit except at your reward meal and I have a problem with that. They also say you can lose the weight without exercising and I have a problem with that as well. The other thing they suggest is weighing in every day and recording your weight and at the end of the week to average the 7 weights to get your weight, due to the human body's fluctuation. It was a very interesting read to me, but not something that I felt propelled to follow to the letter of the law. 

So, I have decided to do a variation of this. I am going to try to go low carb for the 2 meals, and then eat a regular dinner. I will also add in fruit to my meals when I want, as I feel like there is health benefits to it. I will also try to exercise some everyday as it makes me feel so much better. I will also weigh in everyday to see how my weight fluctuates.

So we shall see what the next week brings!

If you are trying to lose weight in 2017, how is your progress going?


  1. Some progress is progress, and you are doing great. My first official weigh in on my new found journey (latest) is Friday. I'm not understanding the limit on fruit by the Carb Addict author if reducing the simple carbohydrates unless the assumption is all sugars are bad sugars. Fruit would be hard one to reduce as it is so filling for few calories, and it satisfies a sweet tooth for me (often.) I like that we are on our journey's and I think we'll all get there.

  2. Supposedly the theory behind it is to cut your cravings for carbs you have to severely limit them. I have to have a couple of servings of fruits a day if I am limiting or excluding all other sugars, so I am using a paleo guide. I don;t do well measuring things either.

  3. Thanks for the shoutout Rachel! And you still lost weight this week so that's still a step in the right direction!
    The book sounds interesting (coming from a fellow carb addict!) and I think your tweek of the program is a great balance of the book and "reality". =)
    Can't wait to hear how the week goes!

  4. Seems we're all fighting the battle of the bulge! Like Sam I haven't checked my weight yet. Maybe on Monday and then every Monday thereafter, not sure yet. I do believe carbs are addictive and I am missing them very much. Fruit has a lot of sugar and one serving of blueberries is only 1/2 cup. However berries are VERY good for us so I usually have 1/2 cup in the morning and another 1/2 cup as my nighttime snack. I love all the information being shared right now on your blog and others. And remember...weight lost slowly is more likely to be kept off.


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