Ben's art show and LOTS of walking

Last Wednesday Benjamin's school held their annual building wide art show. Ben's class had made a huge castle out of appliance boxes and they decorated it. They also told stories about the castle and drew pictures.

Thursday we had some fun around our neighborhood. I left to take the kids to school and to go walking. When I came home and after I showered I went to leave to go to the store. Well, next door there was the property owner, a cop, and 2 guys coming out with hazmat suits on and facemasks. I called Bill to see if he knew what was going on. Well apparently it was a standard eviction. There was suspicion of a meth lab which is why the cop was there. The men were cleaners who were wearing the suits due to the place being overrun with bed bugs, lice and fleas! It was a bad situation. Over Thursday and Friday the cops were called out 3 separate times as the people being evicted were fighting over stuff, then they wouldn't leave the property. On Friday, the owner of the property had a huge trash dumpster dropped off and it is now filled with all the crap  stuff that was taken out.

Thursday and Friday I went to Ariel Foundation Park and walked the tower and did an exercise walk.

Saturday, we took the family to the Kokosing Gap Trail to walk the path. We saw lots of birds and signs of Spring. There was so much green. We also got to see a goose on her nest under the bridge. It was pretty cool.

On Sunday we dodged the wind and some raindrops and headed out to Ariel Foundation Park to walk the tower with the kids and then we walked all over the park-- over 2 miles. Bill, Benjamin and Rebecca made it to the top of the tower just as  the rain started to sputter. Jacob and I only had one more part to climb. Then the sun came out and we took the kids to the lakes to throw rocks and we were able to see some baby geese!  Overall, it was a nice day!

The last few days have been crazy around here. The weather is rainy one minute, super windy the next and then sunny the next. It is hard to get into a routine.  I was able to get out to do the tower yesterday morning even though it was cold and windy.

Today, it is supposed to rain all day long, so I don't think I will be getting any walking in. Maybe I should be getting some housecleaning done instead! LOL

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  1. I am very impressed with your walking and especially the steps! Great job!

    1. The steps are definitely a killer. But the sense of accomplishment each time I make it to the top makes it worth it! :)

  2. You are getting in a lot of exercise! Nothing like fresh air and nature to get everyone outside :)

    1. Exactly! Unfortunately Mother Nature isn't cooperating much this week with all the rain and cold. :(


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