When I Grow Up Kidfest, library, making slime and a movie

Last Saturday morning the kids and I headed out on a little adventure. The school associated with our church was hosting a free community event for kids called "When I Grow Up Kids Fest." This was a gathering of a lot of businesses representing a lot of different career options for the kids to explore.

The kids got to talk to a baker (and decorate a cupcake!),

a scientist from Battelle,

a NASA scientist from the John Glenn Center in Cleveland,

representatives from our local theater company (and Rebecca got to be part of an improv skit),

veterinary techs,

a local dentist,

and a local farmer.

They also got to explore a police car,

a fire truck,

a tractor,

and a semi truck.

After they went through the different stations, they got a free t-shirt that they could color in. I let them color some of the shirts, then told them I would get fabric markers so they could finish them at home. We then got to have a free lunch of pizza, chips, dessert and drink.

After we left the kids fest, we headed to the library to return books and get new ones. The kids love creating at their S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) table.

After we left the library, we headed to Pat Catan's to pick up some fabric markers. While there, they were having a free make your own slime event, so the kids got to make their own slime to bring home, which they all loved.

Later that night, after all the fun stuff with the kids, I took them out to my parents' house and then took Bill out to see the new "Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II" movie.

It was okay-- a little long and drawn out, but overall an okay movie. Hubby loved it, so it made it worth it!  

It was a fun day to spend with the family!


  1. What a great day for the kids. I never heard of anything like that here. I wouldn't like the movie either. It has been ages since there has been anything worth seeing to me. Good on your weight loss, it is so hard. Cheryl.

  2. What cool events, sounds like you had a great day! That movie is on our "to see" list as well. Wondering if we might want to wait for it to hit Redbox since most the reviews I've seen are pretty mixed. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


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