Good, Bad and Ugly-- July 25, 2010

THE GOOD:  Well this week has had only a few goods. I had 2 interviews with Walmart and as long as my drug test and my background check come back fine, then I will have a job with them..Yay! I also had a pretty good interview (I think) with St. Vincent's after school program that I am waiting to here back about (fingers crossed!). I also got a ton of grocerys this week for only $55- I stocked up on lots of deals, including 12 cans of spaghettios for Rebecca and Jacob for only $0.45 a piece! That is way cheap! I also learned that Krogers here does take Internet coupons! Yay!!

THE BAD:  Both kids have been sick this week. Rebecca had 3 days of temperature of 101-102 degrees and a bad cough and no energy. The fever went away, now she is just coughing a little and has a runny nose. Jacob had one night of a fever, but the little man has a bad runny nose, especially today. I hate when the kids are sick! And since we don't have health insurance I really, really don't want to take them to the doctors if I don't have to. I think it is just a summer cold so we are weathering the storm. I think it will get better this week since the weather won't be so hot. It felt like 110 degrees here the last couple days, and with no a/c things were not good.

THE UGLY: Things have been really bad around here with Bill and I. It seems like all we do is fight and argue. I think that part of the problem is that my stress and anxiety issues have gotten really bad lately. I think my depression is also rearing it's ugly head. That is making things very tense between Bill and I. We had a fight over why he continues to spend close to $500 a year on the Sunday Ticket and college football packages when he is usually not home to watch them. We could be using that money for something else. He said he was going to call to cancel them but we will see. Then today he came upstairs this morning and started complaining about his phone. We took it to Verizon and they won't replace it because it was water damaged. Well he went off and I was so embarrassed to be there. It was not good. The big thing though for me is that he keeps wanting to spend, spend, spend on this stupid tv stuff and I want to get us out of debt and get us a new, used car. Ugghhh....I don't know what to do sometimes.

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  1. Cheap groceries! Yippee! Sick kids stink. UGH.
    Hubby who wants to spend....been there, done that, got the t-shirt. It seriously has taken almost a year to get my husband on board with everything. Hang in there!!!

  2. Hi, new reader here. I just posted about the fight my husband I had about cable too! What is it with men and the need to have a ton of shows that they NEVER watch available? haha

  3. @Mysti-- Thanks so much for the encouragement. I hope that one day soon I can get my hubby completely on board.

    @Whitney-- Welcome! And I don't know what it is with men and their tv...I am sure though that my husband probably wonders the same thing about why I have shoes and dresses that I never wear? lol


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