Starting Over Again...

Alright so time to start over. I logged on and saw that I hadn't done a post since January! EEEKKK! Well needless to say things have been CRAZY around here...let's see....we had:
January--Jacob had surgery
February--Bill had emergency gall bladder surgery
March--Bill lost his job
April--Bill got a new job and had to go out of town for 4 weeks to train
May---dealing with training and LOADS of car problems, plus looking for new place to live, packing to move
June---moving all month long, Bill working LONG hours, and only having one car
July---??? Maybe things will settle down????
I sure hope so. Time to get some things back on track and figure out some things. I need to get back onto meal planning, Flylady, budgeting, etc....better focus on on thing at a time. But it is time to be more accountable so I am going to use this blog to be more accountable to the things I NEED to work on for our family's sake. I promise!


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