Happy 5th Anniversary to my dear husband and I!

So yesterday was our 5th anniversary. So much has happened in the last five years. I really feel like we have lived through our wedding vows over and over and over... somedays it feels like just yesterday we got married. Other days it seems like we have been married 20+ years.

 So what did we do to celebrate...

Bill started out the day on a conference call with work. Ugghhh. Nothing like having to work on your day off. While he was doing this, I was running around trying to get things together to leave for the day (diaper bag packed, etc. )...we only left 1/2 hour late which is good for us.

We headed back to Columbus to stop at the bank to change our address. They do not have a branch here, but we love the bank so we will be sticking with them. Then we took the kids to Burger King for lunch. After that, we took Jacob to the doctor for his 9 month checkup. He is up to 22 lbs and 30 inches long. They are a little concerned about the size of his head but we are going to just monitor it until he is 1. After the doctors it was time to take the kids to the inlaws house so we could go on a date. Yes we actually went on a date...it has been so long and it is definitely something that we need to do more often. So we dropped the kids off and then we had our date night...

We went to the dollar theatre and saw....

It was actually a really good movie. Okay, in reality I thought it was a great movie. The actors were great-- I gained a new respect of Mickey Rourke. I love Robert Downey Jr. in this movie. The role as made for him I think. There was hardly any swearing and the fight scenes were not too graphic :) There were lessons to be learned and I love the conflict of emotions that goes through Iron Man in this movie. And Bill loved that I picked a guy type movie to go see. It did take me over half the movie to stop thinking about the kids and focus on the movie but I am working on that. After the movie we decided to get dinner and so we went to....

The food was SOOOO YUMMYYYY!!!! I almost forgot what it was like to eat hot food and not worry about cutting up kids food first. lol.... I had the teryaki filet medallions on rice with bell peppers and onions served with side of steamed french green beans (these were FABULOUS). I also splurged and had a blueberry martini. It was so yummy too! Bill had the bbq trio of chicken, ribs, shrimp, coleslaw and a baked potato and a beer. He brought half of his dinner home. The service was great and there was really only like a 5 minute wait when we got there, which at 6:30 on a friday night is not bad at all.

After dinner we got the kids, came home to a hot house and went to bed.

I made the resolution that we HAVE to have date night at least once a month. I really think we both need it desperately so that we know that we are important in each other's eyes.


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