MENU PLAN (July 19- July 25)

Okay before I do this weeks plan, let's see how I did last week:

Monday: Hot dogs, baked beans, and pasta salad---had that.
Tuesday: lasagna, cukes, garlic bread---had this
Wednesday: lean cuisine, chicken nuggets, peas-- had this
Thursday: fish fillets, mac and cheese, broccoli--- Bill and Rebecca had fish and mac n cheese. I did not make the broccoli and I did not want any for dinner. It was too hot. I ended up eating some pasta salad later.
Friday: dinner out for our anniversary--- we had Outback Steakhouse for dinner
Saturday: sausage, eggs, toast, fruit-- Big fat Fail! Did not have this. Made hot dogs and baked beans for Rebecca and Bill. Again I was too hot to eat, so I made a smoothie later that night.
Sunday: frozen meal for me, hot dog and mac and cheese for Rebecca---had this (minus the hot dog for Rebecca) plus peaches.

Overall not too bad. I stuck to the plan for the most part! YAY!! Lesson learned though I need to incorporate meals that are not really greasy and that don't heat up the house (since we don't have a/c and it is VERY HOT  and HUMID here! ). I also received a large George Foreman grill this week as a gift so I will  definitely be making use of that! :) Overall Grade for the week: A-

SO with all that in mind, here is this weeks menu:

Breakfast: cereal, fruit, homemade pancakes (in freezer), milk

Lunch: leftovers, sandwiches, pb and crackers, fruit, apple juice, milk


MONDAY:  Grilled chicken, homemade pasta salad with veggies and cheese, cut up cucumbers and tomatoes

TUESDAY: fish sticks, green beans, pineapple

WEDNESDAY: Grilled cheese, bacon, tomato sandwiches, carrots and pears

THURSDAY: Whole Chicken in the crockpot, salad, peas

FRIDAY: spaghettios, chicken quesedillas (using leftovers from Thursday) with salsa

SATURDAY: cheeseburgers with all the fixings, broccoli and fruit

SUNDAY: leftovers or pizza (haven't decided yet)

So there goes. Another week of menu planning. Last week was a success so that's see what this week holds.

Special thanks to Laura, at, for hosting Menu Plan Monday! Check out her page for hundreds of meal ideas and inspiration!


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