The Good, the Bad, the Ugly (Sunday July 18, 2010)

So I was blog hopping and came across a great series from Digging Out From Our Mess where she talks about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly that has happened in her life financially. So I have decided to join in and do the same. I am using this as another tool to become more financially sound and to gain a better understanding of our here goes:

THE GOOD: I have 2 interviews lined up this week for jobs. Bill and I talked about it and I need to go back to work if we are going to stop living paycheck to paycheck and get ahead. Also we HAVE to get another car. With him working 1 hour away and me being home with the kids we have to have a car in case of emergency and if something happens to the Saturn (which has over 120,000 miles) so I have to get a job. I am VERY nervous about these interviews, my stress level is HIGH, but I have to do something for the family. I have an interview tomorrow morning with Walmart and I have interview Tuesday morning with the Catholic School here for an after school care position (part-time). I have an interview next week with Creative Foundations for a full time job. I hope and pray one of these pans out.

THE BAD: We got our last phone bill from AT&T and it was $256!!!! That is over double what it was supposed to be!! Eek!!! Apparently I didn't notice that our minutes were expiring and so I was to blame :( We also had several overlap bills which made our budget VERY tight this month with bills. Hopefully by next month things will get back to normal.

THE UGLY: The car messed up on Bill on his way to work the tune of $135...apparently Faslube used the wrong oil last time and there was sludge in the fuel line...sigh....and he got in trouble for dealing with the car instead of being at work....sigh...I hope he makes it home alright tonight.

So there you have it...the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY of my week.  For more information feel free to go to


  1. Hey Rachel!

    Thanks for the link love, and continuing the GBU tradition. I look forward to reading your blog.

    Oh, and I read in your header about Travis. *hugs* Don't know how much of my blog you have read....but I have 3 angels myself....Sawyer, Dylan, and Sadie.


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