Stress is my middle name....

There are so many things going on right now that are VERY stressful!
  • The kids are sick. Both Rebecca and Jacob have fevers and are coughing a little. Rebecca woke up with a fever last night and slept in our bed...which meant no sleep for me. She has had a fever all day and been laying around, etc.  Jacob developed a fever tonight and has been coughing a little. He also hasn't had as much energy as usual. I HATE when my kids are sick.
  • I have had 2 interviews this week. One on Monday at Walmart, which I didn't think went well and one on Tuesday at St. Vincents for a part time after school care job. That went well, however I won't know until tomorrow at the earliest b/c she is interviewing 4 people for 1 position (3 on Tuesday and 1 on Thursday). I really would like that job...but Walmart called tonight and want me to have a 2nd interview tomorrow at 1. Hubby wants me to do the interview so I will but I hate the thought of leaving the kids home when they are sick.
  • Bills seem to be piling up and I think we are on top of things but I am not sure.
  • Bill has been working a lot of hours and it feels like I haven't seen him.
  • The house is a mess. It feels like all I have done is feed the kids, and that is about it. No laundry has been done, and there are toys scattered through the family room....
  • I need chocolate! and there is none in the house.
I just feel a little stressed and overwhelmed right now...gotta remember to breathe....


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