REVIEW::: Glade Winter Collection candles

I am a BzzAgent. What that means is that I am offered products to review and try out and in turn I tell others about that product.

One of the latest products that I received to review was an apple cinnamon candle from the Glade Winter Collection products.  I was given the opportunity through to sample Glade's new holiday candle collection.

Let me tell you this Glade candle smells just like Christmas. It brought back memories of putting up the Christmas tree at my Grandma's house years ago.   It smells like a yummy homemade apple pie cooling on Grandma's counter.

I have tried numerous brands of candles in the past, both expensive ones and dollar store ones. I found that with most candles the scent is only there for the first half hour or so of burning and then it fades the more you use the candle. Not so with the Glade apple cinnamon candle. The first time I burned it, I lit it for over 1 hour and the scent was just right the whole time- not too strong and not too soft. The candle seems to last for a long time as well. Some candles are fast burners, the glade candle burns slowly at the right speed.

The container that the candle came in is great as well. It is decorated with white reindeer and white snowflakes. It is elegant and casual at the same time. With 2 young kids it fits right into our home decor! It is elegant enough though to fit into my mother-in-law's decor where everything has to be just right.

The  Glade Winter Collection offers great scents like Apple Cinnamon, Bayberry Spice and Everything Nice, French VanillaChocolate Cherry Sparkle, Sugarplum Fantasies, Baked Magic, and Peppermint Crush. I cannot wait to try the Peppermint Crush! There is definitely something for everyone. This collection is not just candles; they also offer some of these scents in scented oil candles, plugins scented oils, and room sprays.  Some of these scents and products will definitely be added to my shopping list this winter!

Disclaimer: I am a bzzagent. I recieved a Glade candle to try out, to review and to create bzz on. The opinions of this product are my own.


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