Shutterfly Rocks!!!

So in all the chaos of life, I realized that Thanksgiving is next week! Christmas is shortly after that! YIKES!!! I have been trying to figure out a plan to have an easy stress free holiday this year. One of the things that I am implementing is buying a lot of our presents and cards online. Presents are 95% done! Now on to our Christmas cards......this is always a bone of contention with my husband and I. The last couple years I have done a regular card and then added a picture of the kids inside. So I was paying for cards and for photos to be printed. Last year I did a photo card where you added the picture into the front of the card like a frame. There are 2 things I noticed. First, the price of the cards and getting the photos developed is getting more and more expensive every year. Second, when I would go to people's houses I would see the picture of the kids hanging on the mantel or on the refrigerator and usually the card itself was thrown away. That seems like a waste to me. So this year, Dear Hubby and I have decided in order to save money, give the recipients what they really want, and to make our life a little less stressful we are going to order photo cards.

For Father's Day and for Mother's Day this year I ordered photo cards from Shutterfly and was really impressed with the quality and low cost of them. So we are going to order our cards through them! For as little as $0.32 plus shipping for a card these are the right option for our family!

So now that we know where we are going to order from, the hard part is going to be to decide which design of photo christmas cards is best for us.... I love these:
I love how I could put pictures from throughout the year and show how my kids have grown all year. I also love how this says Merry Christmas and not Happy Holidays. Being Catholic, I must have a card that says Merry Christmas.

I also like this card.

I love the focus on family in this card....

And in this card as well...

Hmmmm.... Decisions, decisions, decisions......

Another thing I really like about Shutterfly is that it is not just about photos or photo cards. You can also make calendars, playing-cards, and numerous other personalized gifts for those special people in your life.  I am thinking that I will also make this very adorable ornament for my parents and for Dear Hubby's parents as a special gift from Rebecca and Jacob.

I will say it again and again, I love the quality of the products I have received from Shutterfly and am looking forward to using their services again to help me achieve my stress free holiday because Shutterfly ROCKS!!!!

All opinions expressed in this post are my own. However, Shutterfly is sponsoring this post by offering me 50 Photo cards in exchange for the post.


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