Our plan for gifts for Christmas

One thing I am trying to focus on this holiday season is to simplify gift giving. It seems like most kids that I know, or that I have known in my teaching career, are focused on how many presents they get and who has the best ones or the most. I find this very troubling. I don't want my children to grow up and to get into the habit of asking for TONS of presents every year. My husband and I have decided to simplify our gift giving plan for our children.

This is our plan for each child FROM SANTA...
  • One special gift (aka toy) from Santa
  • Stockings are from Santa (these will be filled with candy, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bubbles, new washcloths)
  • On Christmas Eve, Santa will leave a new pair of pajamas and a copy of "The Night Before Christmas" under the tree to be opened before bed
  • a gift of reading...this year the kids are getting 3 books each that I won on a blog giveaway
  • a game or a puzzle to play with....this year it will be puzzles which I got using Pampers points and Swagbucks
  • a toy
And that is all. That is the plan that we are going with from this year on. We are probably not going to get the kids clothes because their birthdays are in October and November and we ask for presents that are winter clothes for that. I like the idea of simplifying Christmas gifts and making the kids appreciate what they have and really ask for what they want rather than ask for everything under the sun.

Do you have a plan for what presents you get your kids?


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