My $300 unplanned weekend...ughhh

So on Saturday my husband said he was going to get the oil changed in Columbus while he was on his way to his work assignment. Ok whatever. It was time for it. He calls me later and says that the tires on the car are wobbly and that he had the oil change place rotate the tires because they needed it. The man cannot get away with just having the oil changed....He called the place back and they said it was because there was a nut missing on the back of one of the front tires, but it was perfectly safe to drive, etc. Now keep in mind we live an hour away from this oil change place.
Sunday morning I go out to put the car seats back in the car, and I notice that one of the hubcaps is coming away from the tire. I go in and tell Bill and he says he would call the oil change place. He calls and they say that he can take it to any of their places and they will rotate the tires back for free but that it is still safe to drive. Ok whatever. So he takes me and the kids to church and he comes back home to find the closest place. The closet place is 45 minutes away....

So we take it to that place after leaving the kids with my parents. While there, the manager looks at the tires and tells Bill that the tire that is wobbly should never have been rotated because a couple of the belts on it were broken. He rotated them back and said that he would get a new tire ASAP as that one could blow at any moment. Just great. I told Bill I didn't feel safe knowing the tires could blow at any moment with the kids in the car. So we went down the street to Walmart and they said that actually 2 of the tires were bad and that they could have it done in around 2 hours. We decided to leave the car and walk across the street to the movie theatre and see " Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows, part 1" instead of sitting in Walmart for 2 hours.....

So when all was said and done, I had almost $300 of unplanned for expenses. Ughh...the breakdown is as follows:
Jiffy Lube: $130
Walmart for new tires: $130
Movie tickets: $12
Popcorn and pop: $12

Thankfully we have the money in our account for the jiffy lube and the movie stuff. I will take money out of savings for the tires. Better safe than sorry.

Lesson learned: never take the car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change again.


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