I've been MIA.....

Time just seems to fly. I have been so busy the last couple months that writing on the blog seems to get pushed to the last of the to-do list and then I am too tired to do it. It is something that I enjoy so I am going to try to get back into posting at least a couple times a week at minimum. I have been so busy the last couple months. Some of the highlights include:

  • Working part time at my school job-- this is going great! I love the work and the kids are great. I have been only getting about 12-15 hours a week but that is okay.
  • Dear Hubby found a new job that was a lot closer to our new home. Before he was driving 60+ minutes ONE way to work. Now he is the new Sports Editor of our local newspaper and he literally drives 3 minutes to work! And he is back into doing what his college degree is in and what he loves :) This change has meant that I have started cooking more and just doing more around the house.
  • There was a 2 week period where Dear Hubby, Rebecca and Jacob all had the stomach flu thing that just would not go away. Thankfully I didn't get it.
  • We have been trying to get paperwork done so that we can get the kids on government health care. With Bill's new job the health insurance would have taken almost 1/4 of his paychecks and we just can't afford that.
  • Jacob turned 1 year old and we had his birthday party! I love that boy so much!
  • My mom has been in the hospital and out and that has been stressful.
  • I have spent much of my time online hunting deals for Christmas and coupons for our grocery shopping. I am 97% done with our Christmas shopping.
  • We had my mother-in-laws birthday celebration.
  • I have been asked to sample several products and review them. (I am hoping to get those posts done later today!)
  • We searched for and found a church that is a good fit for our family! YAY!
Life has just been busy, busy, busy! But I would rather it be busy than boring. I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week and Christmas is coming so soon! Rebecca's 4th birthday is next weekend and we are also trying to schedule the kids' baptism at the church that we have been attending. Well I am off to make lunch for my kiddos and continue doing laundry. That is the story of my life on my days off!


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