Book Review: Christmas in Cedar Cove

I have been all about reading Christmas stories lately. It is the time of year and truth be told they tend to be easy reads that don't take forever to read. Such was the case in this week's book review. I read Debbie Macomber's "Christmas in Cedar Cove" in 2 nights.

This book is actually 2 shorter stories in one book. The first is "5-B Poppy Lane." In this story you'll visit with Helen, her granddaughter Ruth, and Ruth's husband Paul. Ruth and Paul will recount how they met, interspersed with the heart-breaking story of Helen and her experiences during World War II. Ruth and Paul met while he was stationed in Afghanistan, and Ruth wrote him a Christmas card to spread some cheer to a soldier. While Ruth HATES the fact that Paul is a Marine, she does not show ill will toward him because she knows she should support the soldiers. What follows is their story of learning that love takes all forms of sacrifice and when you find the one that is your soul mate you will do anything to keep that person in your life.

Overall this was a heartwarming story. But it did leave something to be desired. You felt that there should be more to the story and I was disappointed that Macomber did not go more into depth with the story lines. She could have had two great stories here had she developed them. It was a cute read, but not deep enough for my liking.

The second story in Christmas in Cedar Cove is " A Cedar Cove Christmas." This story is a modern day Nativity story, starring young Mary (as in Mary Jo Wyse) and an unplanned pregnancy. The story also has in it's cast of characters, the 3 Wyse men, a stable full of animals, and many friends. The story follows the story of Mary Jo who comes to Cedar Cove on Christmas Eve to confront the father of her baby and to talk to his family. Finding out that the father of her baby is a deadbeat and that his family is on a cruise, Mary Jo takes shelter in the apartment above the stable of a kind friend named Grace. The story evolves with Mary Jo's brothers trying to find her, running into a wicked "king" who sent them to find her, and a hero in disguise who promises to protect and look after Mary and her baby. The story shares the birth of Noelle Grace and how she is loved and welcomed into the world.

This story is one that made me smile and pleased. It is a modern day re-telling of the original Nativity story. I love the play on words and spelling that Macomber uses. The story keeps you on your toes as you begin to look for the similarities. Your heart really pulls for Mary Jo and for her to find happiness. It is a delightful story to read so close to Christmas and to remember what Christmas is all about.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read an enjoyable story. These are not new stories. "5-B Poppy Lane" was originally published in 2006 as part of an anthology, and "A Cedar Cove Christmas" was originally published around 2008. These 2 stories together though make a delightful book that is easy to read and allow you to stay in the mood for Christmas.

This is what I read this past week. Have you read any good books lately?


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