Cellphone Postcards Review

As a Bzzagent I have had the opportunity to try out and review various products, ranging from candles to toothpaste. The latest bzzagent campaign that I am a part of is for the use of Cellphone Postcards. This product is SOOOO COOL!!!!! Basically this website allows you to send a picture from your cellphone with a message as a postcard to the recipient of your choice. Or if you don't want to use your cell phone pictures, you can upload a photo on your computer, type in your message and they will print, stamp and mail your postcard to the recipient of your choice. As a bzzagent I was given the first 10 postcards to send for free. According to their website, the cost is $.99 per address in the continental USA and $1.98 for international.

I have sent 3 of these postcards. I used pictures of the kids' baptism to mail thank you postcards to my kids' Godparents. I also surprised dear Hubby by mailing him a postcard of the kids. The picture quality is wonderful! They turn out great and are a neat, personalized card for your favorite people. And they were SO easy to put together. I just uploaded my pictures, typed in my message and the recipients address and clicked send. EASY!!!! I ordered them on Wednesday of last week and my husband received his today (Monday), so there is a quick mailing time as well. (I actually also received a copy of the first 3 cards I sent as well). Here is a picture of the product we received....

This is the front of the postcard. Very nice quality.

This is the back of the postcard.

I am thrilled at how these postcards turned out! If you are looking to surprise someone with a little bit of joy I would highly recommend you send one of these postcards! They are so easy to make and send! Great idea and great quality! What more could you ask for?

Disclosure: As a bzzagent I was given the opportunity to use cellphonepostcards.com and receive the first 10 postcards for free. All opinions about this product are my own.



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