Wordless Wednesday: The Kids' Baptism

This past Sunday, we had the opportunity to have the children baptized into the Catholic Church. This was something that I had wanted to get done for a while and felt guilty about as well. Well on Sunday, we finally held their baptism. It was a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful day. (The only downside was my Mother-in-Law, scowled the whole ceremony. I could hear her saying snide remarks throughout mass and she just wanted to make the whole thing miserable for everyone else. Thankfully her and my Father-in-law left right after mass to beat the snow home and so the party that we had at our house after was very relaxed and fun.)

Here are some highlights of their beautiful day:
Their baptism cake (made by me)

My Little Man

My darling daughter

Jacob getting baptized

Rebecca getting baptized

Father Hammond taking Jacob and Rebecca through church

Fr. Hammond, Bill and I, the kids, and their Godparents

Jacob and Aunt Mary and Uncle Josh (his Godparents)

Rebecca with Bill and Dana (her godparents)

Us, the kids, Mary, Josh and my parents


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