Letters of Intent


Foursons has a great weekly feature that she runs, called Letters of Intent. In it, she invites readers to write their own letters of intent and to link them up to her post. This week I have decided to join in....


Dear Mother-in-Law,

We are going to go to your Christmas party. Not because you want us to or you are demanding us to, but rather because it is Christmas and I feel like we should make the effort. However, we are NOT changing our plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas. That is not an option. Sorry if you don't like it.

Your daughter in law.


Dear Bill,

You are a terrific husband and a wonderful father. I wish you would not be so hard on yourself.



Dear Winter,

You are not even here yet and it is SOOOO COLD!!!!! I like the snow, really I do. But you could wait until Christmas Eve to bring it here. This cold and snow makes it hard to do some of the Christmas activities that I wanted to do with the family. And now that our gas bill is going to be huge, you have me worried about making ends meet. Thanks so much for your Christmas present, but I would really like a refund.



Dear Jacob,

I love you dearly. I know you are only 1 year old. But could you please leave the Christmas tree alone? Please? I left you all the stuffed animals and toys in front of it to distract you, for you to play with. Could you please play with them and NOT the tree? I love you.

Your mommy


Dear Rebecca,

I love you! What I don't love is you asking for a snack every 5 minutes. You do NOT need a snack 5 minutes after dinner! Please stop asking me.

Also I know you love Christmas shows. But sometimes Mommy and Daddy want to watch other shows and I would appreciate it greatly if you did not throw a tantrum that made us put you in time out.

Your mommy

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  1. Yikes. MIL situations can be sticky. I do not envy your problem. Good luck getting through the holidays w/out a fuss.

    I live in S. Central TX and we have had yo-yo weather. One day it is in the 80's and the next day the high is in the 60's. We are all suffering with sinus headaches because of it.

    I remember those years with little ones. I lost count on how many non-breakable ornaments my son broke. Hahaha

    Good luck on taking your TV back. We have the same battle in my house.

    Thanks for linking up. I'm thrilled you found me and decided to join in!

  2. I thought my daughter was the only one who ate CONSTANTLY!!! She asks for snacks before dinner, she asks for snacks after dinner. I think there have even been a few times that she asked for snacks DURING dinner!! LOL Gotta love 'em!

    My three year old still messes with the tree, LOL. I just decided to put all the soft or unbreakable ornaments on the bottom half. He can take them off and put them back on as he likes. I think it has now been re-designed five or six times!

    Great blog! I am following you from Foursons' linky today!

  3. I don't know if messing with the tree ever ends. My son managed to knock ours over last year when he ws 18 months. So far it has stayed standing this year, but we have lost a few ornaments due to his (lack of) decorating skills. My daughter who is 4 1/2 has rearranged the ornaments several times as well. Only my 6 month old leaves them alone, and that is only because he can't stand to reach them yet.
    I'm sorry about your mil issues. Holidays can be difficult to negotiate with family.
    Visiting from Foursons


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