Menu Plan...Week before Christmas

Wow this weekend flew by! It was busy, busy, busy. I baked a ton on Saturday, went shopping on Saturday, had the kids' baptism on Sunday and held a party for them. The weather has been weird. Saturday it was 50 degrees and party cloudy. Yesterday we had rain, then ice, then snow and falling temperatures. And today it is SOOOOO COLLLDDDDD!!!!!!!! And windy too. Schools around here are cancelled and that means I get the day off! I have a ton of things to do though so it won't really be a complete day off. One of the things I need to do today is catch up on housework and hopefully get started wrapping Christmas gifts and get our Christmas cards addressed and mailed. I also hope to watch last week's episode of the "Biggest Loser" so I can watch the finale tomorrow night. Also on my list of things to do today was write a blog post (which is this one :) ) and make a menu plan for the week.

So without further ado here is our menu plan this week:

Monday: spaghetti and garlic bread (using up the bread left from yesterday's baptism party)

Tuesday: baked fish, broccoli, rice and sliced apples

Wednesday: whole chicken in the crockpot, stuffing, green beans

Thursday: chicken tacos (made with leftover chicken from Wednesday), and mac-n-cheese for the kids

Friday: frozen pizza and wings

Saturday: Christmas party

Sunday: leftovers

For other great menu ideas please visit....


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