31 Day No Bad Food Challenge: Days 4 and 5 and a weight update

Just a quick update to say that yes I am still doing this...just didn't have time to blog about it until now. :(

Day 4 was interesting. I didn't get a lot of fruits and veggies in, as I was stressed most of the day. I was babysitting for a friend of mine, so I had 2 bonus children most of the day (ages 7 and almost 5). That made life a little crazy around here. I will say that I did not cave and have cookies or anything though so that is a plus. However, diet wise, it wasn't my best day on this challenge so far.....

9:30 pancakes with butter, syrup, turkey bacon, cantaloupe, strawberries
       breakfast time. Hungry, but after I ate I felt satisfied.

12:30 2 small bites of Jacob's pb and j sandwich
       little hungry, ordered pizza for the older kids but needed to feed Jacob.

1:15  4 pieces of pizza
        STARVING---kids are driving me nutty

9:30 pancakes, turkey bacon
       STARVING--- did not plan well for dinner for myself and felt so hungry

I did do 32 minutes on the Wii Fit for exercise.

DAY 5---today was back to normal for me. Jacob was being kind of whiny, but that was okay.

9:30 cheerios with milk
        Breakfast...don't have any protein as we are out/ need to go to the store

10:30 wheat toast with apple butter
         hungry, needed something

11:00 1/2 strawberry
         was cutting up fruit. Not really hungry

1:30  peanuts
         was doing errands. Forgot to eat lunch before I left. :(

3:00 bananas, iced tea
        Starving. Back home from errands, but don't want to eat anything big b/c going to start cooking dinner

5:45  marinated baked chicken, ratatouille, baked potato with butter
        really didn't want chicken, but really, really wanted the veggies!

10:00 strawberries
         wanted something sweet

Also did 30 minutes on the Wii Fit.

AND....I know this isn't a weight loss challenge. However, I weighed in this morning and...in the last week, I have.......

LOST 5 LBS.!!!!!!!!!!!

I am super stoked about that and hope that trend continues....still need to work on my eating schedule though.


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