31 Day No Bad Food Challenge: Day 2...this is harder than I thought

Before I go into how day 2 went, let me just say this....


It is harder than the exercise challenge. It is hard, because I love my sweets. I love chocolate. I love baked goods. I do, I do, I do. However, my waistline doesn't love them. And I am not getting any younger, so I have to keep reminding myself why I am doing this.

I am doing this to become healthier. I am doing this so that I can hopefully break my sugar addiction. I think it is  an addiction and I am going through withdrawal. I am SOOO tired. And I didn't realize before how much pop I was drinking. I was basically giving myself so much sugar and caffeine throughout the day that it was giving me energy.

Now on to day 2.... this day was going to be a challenge, as we were meeting an old colleague of mine (who just moved back to Ohio after living in Vegas for the past 5 years) and her kids at Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch and for the kids to play. I did not get pop, which was good. I had iced tea instead. But I did get pizza which wasn't too good, considering I could have gotten the salad bar. Oh well, better choices need to made next time. 

This is how the rest of my day shaped up to be like:

9:00AM--- cheerios, milk, banana
                   VERY HUNGRY

10:30 -----diet iced tea
                 need to remember to drink more. Don't want to get dehydrated.

12:00--- peanut butter sandwich, skim milk
              just worked out and need to eat.

2:00--- 3 pieces of pizza at Chuck E. Cheese's, iced tea, celery stick (from hubby's wings)

5:30--- 3 cherry tomatoes, breakfast burrito, strawberries, cantaloupe, water
            very hungry

8:30---so tired. I have no energy. Fell asleep on the couch while Bill was getting the kids into bed.

Overall it was okay day. There was a couple things I need to work on.... I NEED to drink more water and iced tea. I don't think I am drinking enough. Also I need to make a plan for days that I am out and about so that I don't gorge on lots of pizza and bad food.

Any one have any ideas?


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