31 Day No Bad Food Challenge: Day 11

Day 11....Well my hubby caved. He actually caved a couple days ago. I don't blame him really. He is in an extremely difficult time of year for his job...read BUSY, BUSY, BUSY... and to ask a guy who usually drinks lots of Mountain Dew to give up junk food, fast food and pop during this time was asking a lot. Well he gave in and decided that he needed his Mountain Dew. In reality I don't blame him. It really is the wrong time of year for him to do something like this. So I don't blame him and am not disappointed.

As for me, I am still in this. I have not had any junk food, bad fast food, or pop since July 31! YAY!!! Today I went into work for a couple hours and my boss was giving the kids small candy canes and I wasn't even tempted. I just thought I don't want that because I am eating better. I didn't even think about this challenge so hopefully that means that my mindset is changing. I hope so.

Today, I did well on eating and I exercised for 40 minutes on the Wii, while I caught up on an episode of "19 Kids and Counting."

I also think that I have come up with a plan for when I go back to work and Rebecca starts school. I am NOT a morning person so to ask me to get up early to exercise is NOT happening. However, if I can get housework and stuff done in the morning, take Rebecca to school, go to work, come home, get dinner, get kids in bed by 9:00pm then exercise from 9:30-10, I will still be able to get into bed at a reasonable hour. That is my plan anyhow....


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