31 Day No Bad Food Challenge: Day 1

So day 1 of the no bad food challenge is over. And I did it. I did not eat any sweet stuff or junk food today. That doesn't mean the temptation wasn't there. Believe me it was!

Here is what I ate and what I was feeling:

8:45am  banana 
         felt like I needed to eat something while I was getting the kiddos their breakfasts

10:00 homemade breakfast burrito, strawberries, water
          Was HUNGRY and felt like I needed protien

11:30 decided to exercise. Did 25 minutes on the Wii Fit Plus, and 10 minutes on new Zumba game.

1:00pm  peanut butter and jelly sandwich, peach, blueberries, skim milk
        lunch time. After Lunch I REALLY, REALLY wanted a cookie. But I didn't.

2:30 iced tea, carrots, cucumber, cauliflower with dill dip
       Rebecca was having cookies for a snack and they looked SOOOO GOOOOD. Realized I was hungry
       too so I got raw veggies. Felt good for not caving.

5:05 REALLY wanted something sweet, but making dinner

5:30 1/2 pulled pork sandwich
        was waiting on Bill to get home, but was hungry so ate 1/2 a sandwich with the kids while they were
        eating dinner

6:00 pulled pork sandwich, cherry tomatoes
        still waiting on Bill, Was VERY HUNGRY so made a small sandwich and had 5 cherry tomatoes

6:30 pork sandwich, baked potato with butter, steamed green beans
        was VERY HUNGRY

7:00 was very, very tired. No junk food throughout the day has made me tired.

9:00 want sweets, am very tired, went to bed.

So, all in all I learned something. There are many times where I would just mindlessly eat junk because I wanted something sweet. That is NOT the best way to live my life. I also learned that I need to eat something about every 2-3 hours or I get really hungry. Need to plan better. But overall, I think I did pretty good for day 1. Other than being exhausted at 7:00 pm, there was no other side effects.

Got to keep it going for the next month....


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