31 Day No Bad Food Challenge: Day 3

I think I can.

I think I can.

I think I can.

So far, so good. Although I have been tempted about a billion times, I have not caved in and had bad food! YAY! GO ME!!!

Day 3, I was SOOOO TIRED all day long. I didn't feel like doing anything and just felt blah. Feel a little more refreshed as I begin day 4 so hopefully it will be better today. Yesterday my mom brought over a pitcher that I can use to make 2 quarts of iced tea with so that I will have it at the ready and hopefully will make me drink more liquids!

Now on to what I ate on day 3:

8:50   cheerios, milk, banana     
          was hungry, needed to eat before tutoring

11:00 3 cherry tomatoes
          very hungry, wanted something sweet, but am tutoring and can't

12:15 cauliflower, carrots, cucumber, ham sandwich, pretzels, dill dip, water
         lunch time. STARVING

2:30 a couple pancakes
        wasn't really hungry, but was making a batch for the freezer

5:00 strawberries, cherry tomatoes
        wanted something sweet, was cooking dinner

5:30 spaghetti, salad
        Dinner time. Was hungry and thirsty

8:30 diet iced tea
        need to drink more

10:00 honey nut cheerios and milk
          was very hungry, needed to eat something

So there was day 3. Not too bad. I figured out a couple of things. I need to eat more protein with my meals, because that fills me up. And I need to make sure I am getting enough to drink. I don't need to get dehydrated!

Anyone have any ideas for quick ways to get more protein into my diet?


  1. Hey Rachel! I have a ton of tips & tricks if you are trying to watch what you eat. I put together a whole nutritional guideline for my friend that I follow religiously daily. It is broken down by each meal and snacks for the day.
    I would be happy to email it to you if you like!!

  2. That would be AWESOME Marisa! I can use all the help I can get.... :)

    My email is...egan_rachel@yahoo.com

    Thanks again in advance!


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