31 Day No Bad Food Challenge: Days 7,8,9, and 10...Yes I am a little behind..

Well time just keeps getting away from me. Boo...

 Things have been pretty busy around here. I have been working a couple days, tutoring one day, dealing with busy and stressed hubby, kids who are going nuts, trying to get things together for Rebecca to go to school etc. It has just been crazy!

However, the good news is...so far I have STUCK to the challenge even with temptations a plenty. YAY!

Here is a recap of days 7-10:

Day 7, we had a cookout at my parents house. I brought a salad to share. Usually this is where I pig out, as my mom always has lots of snack foods out and chips, cookies, etc. But I was good. I did have some cashews but I think that was okay. The bad thing was that I did not exercise :)

Day 8, was spent at home dealing with cranky, stressed hubby. I did fine with the eating, however I did not exercise again. :(

Day 9, I worked at my part-time job at the school in the morning. Then my boss wanted to take me and my kiddos to lunch at McDonald's with her kiddos for lunch. That is okay but I gave up fast food. After talking it over with my husband, we decided it was okay if I had McD's as long as I ordered something healthier than a Big Mac. I had a southwest salad and a light lemonade. Normally I would have had chicken nuggets, fries and diet coke. Big difference in what I ordered. It was a nice lunch though and the kids got to play. I did not do so well the rest of the day though with food. I ate way TOO many carbs, had a bagel and a baked potato for dinner. I knew that I was going to pay for it...I did exercise on the Wii Fit for 20 minutes and the Zumba for the Wii for 20 minutes!!

Day 10, today I had to tutor this morning. I had NO, ZERO, ZILCH energy. I really could have put my head down and slept. I felt so out of it. I think that most of that has to do with over-doing the carbs yesterday. Need to make sure that I am sticking to a good meal plan. I did have temptation today, in that I received a prize from a blog win in the mail today that I will share with you in a few days. Let's just say it involved chocolate. However I am being good and not eating any of it. I put it in my freezer for later. I also am proud that I exercised tonight. It was only for 20  minutes, but that is my goal for the days.

So over these days I have learned that I do have willpower. I have also learned that I need to be more specific in what I am eating and make sure I am doing protein in ALL meals.

I am just shocked and happy with myself that 10 days in and I have not caved yet! I am doing this! :) :)


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