31 day exercise challenge: Wrap-up

July 30: I did 45 minutes on the Wii Fit Plus game.

July 31: I mowed the grass, which took 45 minutes and it was SOOO HOTTTT!!!!! I also did 25 minutes on the Wii Fit plus.

Which means....

 I DID IT!!!!

I exercised for 31 days straight!


I didn't think that I would be able to do it, when I started at the beginning of the month. As the month of July went on though it became easier to exercise and to find time to exercise. I realized that in fact I like to exercise. It felt good to move! And it was contagious...Rebecca would want to exercise after I did! So that was a plus! On my birthday, I received a new Wii game too that I think I will love...It is Zumba for the Wii.

This is going to make it much easier to continue to exercise. Because YES I do INTEND to continue to exercise. I won't beat myself up if I miss a day, but I plan on exercising in some form every day.....

I also realized during the month of July that my eating sweets and junk is way out of control and that I need to work on that. So that gave me the idea for my next 31 day challenge....for August I will be having a no bad food, no junk food, no fast food and no pop challenge.

I am super excited that I made exercise a habit! I feel so good about that!

Now on to August, where hopefully I can make eating better a habit......


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