Happy birthday Josh and random thoughts

Warning: This is going to be a random post...with odds and ends and this and that....

This was taken right before Thanksgiving 2011.

First of all a special Happy birthday to my little brother Josh. He is a great basketball player and although ornery at times, he is a great little brother! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!! (He said he wanted the baby to come on his birthday, but I don't think that is going to happen...:) )

Yesterday was not a good day.
  • I was depressed, didn't feel all that great, tired of being pregnant.
  • Our car broke down yesterday (we only have 1) as we were getting ready to take Rebecca to school. Bill had drove it that morning to work but it wouldn't start. Thank Heavens for friends that work at the school (which is literally 5 minutes away) and was able to come and get Rebecca for me and to bring her home, for AAA who were able to tow the car, for Firestone Auto Care who fixed it in less than 3 hours. $300 and a new starter later the car seems to be fine. I hate spending that kind of money, but at least we had it.
  • As Bill walked down to get the car, Jacob got up from his nap and decided to smear poop on his face from his diaper, JUST as my friend brought Rebecca home....
  • It was JUST a long day yesterday
I am still unsure as to what is going to happen with my kiddos while I am in the hospital. I thought my parents were going to watch them, but my Mom has seemed like she is mad at me for some unknown reason lately and she is so busy chauffeuring my brother and sister to their sports stuff. I have co-workers at work who have volunteered but I hate to impose on them. I don't know.

I am hoping to go to Walmart today to get Easter basket stuff, because I don't think that I will feel like it next week after my c-section and I just want it to be ready to go.

Jacob keeps twisting his hair and getting knots in it. Anyone have any suggestions on how to stop him from doing it?

Sorry this is rambling....that is just how I am today.


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