A Bull's Head Roast

This past weekend my parents hosted a Mexican barbacoa de cabeza in honor of a couple of their friends from Mexico. Basically this translates to a barbecue of a cow's head-- aka. a bull's head roast. (if you want to read more about it's origins, adaptations, etc. wikipedia has a nice article on it!). My parents' hosted as they have land needed to dig a hole to roast the bull's head in.

There was many different sections of the bull's head to choose from...tongue, eyeball, brain, cheek meat, and palette meat. The meat was served  on top of warm tortillas, with traditional mole style sauce made by my Mom's Mexican friend, guacamole, salsa, onions, diced cilantro and a squirt of lime juice.

Here was the bull's head after being cooked and before it was carved.
You can see it was wrapped in banana leaves and tinfoil during the roasting part of it.

There was also other food for those of us who did not eat the bull's head...including grilled chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, macaroni salad, veggies, chips, fruit, etc. It was a fun yummy time!

Now, I will say this. I personally did NOT eat any of the bull's head. I was just not brave enough. Actually, it was kind of funny...NONE of the women there tried it. The men were all for it. My dad was the last hold out on the men's side, but after he had a couple few beers he was brave enough and he even went back for seconds! LOL

My mom made it fun for the kiddos there by having a cow shaped pinata filled with candy for the kids.

Rebecca was the first to get a swing at the pinata...she actually knocked it's head off during her first swing!

Roberto (my parent's friend from Mexico) dumped the rest of the candy out of the pinata for the kiddos

Another bull's head-- this one much cuter than the real one :)

It was a fun filled evening...full of adventurous men eating new things, women sticking to the traditional BBQ food, kids having fun and lots of laughs and fun!


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