School uniforms

Rebecca is starting Kindergarten this year! I am excited. I am sad. I have a lot of mixed emotions about this. We are sending her to the same school where she attended Pre-K. In Kindergarten through 8th grade the kids MUST wear uniforms. So off to buy uniforms I go...

I looked on the websites that the school recommended and I almost choked at the prices....$40 for a uniform jumper, and that doesn't include shipping. EEK!

Went on ebay. The uniforms are going for close to retail. EEK!

Then my mom told me about a uniform store in a town about 45 minutes away that sells used school uniforms. So off we went today....and this is what I got for a total of $51.00.

2 jumpers, a pair of uniform shorts and a sweater for winter! Now all I need to get her are socks and shoes and I am set for her clothes! :) (We already have her polos with the logo on the collar that her school requires!)

Do your kids' wear uniforms to school? How do you keep the costs down?


  1. No uniforms for us, so no advice there. I know some people who buy uniforms from families in higher grades (as their kids outgrow them). Maybe you can find a family who has a 2nd grader, and just buy their stuff as the child outgrows it.

  2. I can already see how adorable Rebecca is going to look in this uniform! she is such a princess;-)


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