A day in my life....

Things have been CRAZY around here the last 2 weeks, with me going back to work, Rebecca starting school, fall sports starting meaning Bill is basically at work 24/7 and the boys growing up like weeds means my life is pretty crazy.....

Tonight as I was thinking about this craziness I thought what does a day look like right now for me and this is a general idea of what a day in my life consists of:

6:20am--alarm goes off, get up, shower, get dressed, Bill leaves to walk to work
6:50 am--wake Rebecca up so she can get dressed
7:00 am--head downstairs, make Rebecca and Jacob breakfast
7:10 am--back upstairs, wake Jacob, change his diaper, get him dressed, bring him downstairs to start breakfast
7:15am-- do Rebecca's hair for school while she is eating breakfast
7:20am-- go back upstairs, wake Benjamin, change his diaper, bring him downstairs, put in car seat
7:25 am--shoes on everyone, and out the door to take Rebecca to school
7: 55 or so--back home with the boys, Jacob finishes breakfast, make Benjamin a  bottle
8:00-8:30 am feed Benjamin,
8:30-9:30--- make and eat breakfast for me, check email and facebook, turn on cartoons for kids
9:30-11--- clean house, unload dishwasher, laundry, etc. think about dinner, make dinner and put in fridge to heat up later, give Jacob a bath.
11-11:45--- change Benjamin, make him cereal and a bottle, feed and burp him
11:45-12:45---pick Bill up from work, figure out lunches for Jacob, me and Bill
12:45-1:15---clean up kitchen from lunch, check email once before head to work.
1:15-1:30---sit and talk to Bill
1:30-1:45-- freshen up for work (brush teeth, etc)
1:45-- leave for work
2-6-- work
6:10-7-- home, heat up dinner, feed kids,feed Benjamin say hi and bye to Bill (he leaves for work)
7-7:30-- eat my dinner
7:30-8 --clean up kitchen, sweep dining room floor
8-830 --make formula for following day, help kids clean up the toys and books that are out, kids get a snack
8:30 --Jacob in bed, Benjaming playing in our bedroom floor, Rebecca bathed
9:00 --get Rebecca in bed
9- 10-- get Benjamin bathed, in pjs, fed and in bed
10- 11 --do last minute stuff, fold clothes, get things ready for the morning.
11 (ideally)--fall into bed asleep.

Man it makes me tired just to think about this. And this is just a normal day. There are also days I have to do snack shopping for work, home food shopping, etc. It is crazy.
No wonder I am exhausted most nights! I would love to find some me time in there, but am not sure how/when I could......

What does your daily schedule look like? How do you work in me time?


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