Bye Bye Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke!

I have decided in an effort to help with my weight loss challenge and in an effort to just be healthier, I am giving up ALL SODA!!!

I realized the other day that I drank 2 -12 packs of Diet Pepsi in one week! That is ridiculous.

Not only will it be better for my waistline, but it will be better for my wallet too...a win, win! :)

There will still be pop in the house...Hubby HAS to have his Mountain Dew. That stuff is way too sweet for me, so it is not a temptation.

Now I know that you have to replace bad habits with good ones, or at least better ones in order to make a change work. So what will I be replacing pop with??

My plan is to keep water bottles in the fridge door ready to go. Also I will be enjoying more iced green tea. As I was looking for an alternative today, I found this lovely box in my pantry cabinet....Can you say Yummy?!

I am doing this for a wide variety of reasons, including:
  • I am trying to cut my sugar consumption down, and everything I have read says that diet pop may lead you to want more sugary things
  • I want to lessen my need for caffeine
  • I am trying to lose weight, and new studies have shown that dieters who drink diet pop actually lose less weight than those who don't
  • I just want to be healthier and feel better
So that is the why and the what. Please wish me luck as I have a feeling this is going to be hard.

Have you given up a bad habit like drinking diet soda? Any tips or words of encouragement?


  1. Good for you!! I've never really had a habit of drinking soda, we drink it probably once a quarter. But I think eliminating it from your house (everything that's tempting) is a great idea. I mostly just drink water and occasionally juice and a cup of milk in the morning. Good luck!!


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