Weekly to do list (a day late)

Last week's list of goals was kind of a catch up week. This week's goals will be more in preparation for school and work to be starting back up full time in 2 weeks time. (Where oh where did summer go?)

Here is how I did last week:
  • cut up peppers from the farmer's market (2 weekends ago) for the freezer (Yep...did this yesterday but it got done! :)
  • figure out what is needed for Rebecca for school and start looking for the best prices DONE--got all her school supplies yesterday
  • date night with Bill--DONE--Bill took me to a restaurant about 45 minutes away just because I was wanting a piece of their coconut cream pie! I love my hubby!
  • Read a chapter of "Every Day a Friday" each night ---KIND OF--- I have read about 5 chapters in it.
  • Clean out, sort and organize arts and crafts cart ---DONE
  • Call and schedule Benjamin's Baptism ---DONE
  • Count calories of everything I eat and record in food journal ---KIND OF--- I did good on most days, I think I recorded everything 4/7 days
  • clean and organize desk area ---UMM....NOPE unless you count finding the missing shelf piece and putting it on the desk
  • Take 3 boxes of stuff that is sitting in the hallway to Goodwill to donate ---DONE 
  • Mow grass (or get Bill to) and apply weed stuff on driveway ----FAIL--- This is the only one I didn't even do. Bill did mow the grass but the weeds are the priority right now and every time I think of it it is raining or there is a threat of storms.
So last week wasn't too bad. This week I am focusing on trying to get some systems into place to allow for a smooth transition to back to work and school. I hope they work.
  • go to bed before 11:30 each night (truth be told, I would like to be in bed by 11pm)
  • get Jacob in bed by 8:45, Rebecca in bed by 9pm.
  • menu plan for the week
  • clean and organize desk area
  • apply weed stuff on driveway and steps
  • trim the bushes in front of our house
  • list bakers rack on craigslist
  • list baby clothes on eBay
  • do all laundry in house and get caught up with it
  • find and make a low calorie, low sugar zucchini bread
  • read at least 1 chapter of Every Day a Friday each night
  • research preschool activities I can do with Jacob while Rebecca is in school
  • exercise at least 3x this week, either with a dvd or by walking to/from work
I think that is enough for now. I hope I can have another successful week in fulfilling my to dos. Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Okay your to do list is starting to rival mine and you have little ones at home! But I have the bumble so I guess we are even. Bennies picture is so cute I just want to grab him and squeeze!


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