Mommy's Day Out

This morning, a very good friend of mine, who also happens to be Benjamin's Godmother, gave me the gift of a couple of hours of being kid free. She had my 3 children at her house so that I could run errands or do whatever I wanted. It was so generous of her....

So I went and got a work physical done (has to be done every 3 years) at one of the walk in clinics here in town. Then I went and "splurged" on an sausage egg mcmuffin from McDonald's. (I guess that is what it calls doing something for me....LOL)  Then, I went to Goodwill. I had 2 large boxes and 2 bags full of stuff to drop off and donate. I decided to browse while I was there and I was able to get a few goodies....

A few of the goodies I got from Goodwill today!
I bought some shirts for me (3 of which were half off!) , 2 dresses for Rebecca, a book for Jacob($0.49!) , a cup for me to take drinks into work when work starts back in August, a NEW "Horrid Henry" book for Rebecca that I will put away for Christmas (for $0.50!) , a couple wall hangings for future gifts, and a batting helmet (for $2.99!) and baseball glove($2.99) for Rebecca.  All for $25 total. I think I scored! Or it was just the fact that I was alone and could really look at what they had, versus keeping one eye on the kid at all times.

I am so blessed that my friend has a kind heart. She is a mom of 4 children herself...with her youngest being Rebecca's age and in her class. She told me when I came to pick the kids up that she felt in her heart that she wanted to do this at least once a month for me, so that I get some down time and she gets to foster a relationship with her godson and Rebecca and Jacob. She is a truly special person to me.

Do you have someone special in your life that does stuff like this? Do you do things like this for others?


  1. Great Goodwill finds! I am also a huge Goodwill fan and am so excited because a new one just opened about 1/2 from my house! Happy thrifting!


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